Friday, March 8, 2013

Special ABRC book discounts!

For all ABRC reviewees only, we are happy to inform you that the books published by ABRC are available for sale to you on a 15% discount at the time of your enrollment at ANY review center and at a discount of 10% ANYTIME during the duration of the review.

These rates do not apply to Dean Albano's books published by Rex Bookstore.

Please place your orders with Ms. Myra Berces at 0922-8887631 or you may send a direct message in this page for your orders. (Costs of shipping shall be borne by the buyer)

Here is the list of the books* available:

Legal and Judicial Ethics - Php400.00

Philippine Government and Constitution - Php350.00

Land Titles and Deeds - Php700.00

Election laws annotated - Php800.00

Conflict of Laws - Php350.00

* Prices are before discount.


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